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Curcumin 95% are naturally colour pigments from turmeric, naturally extracted by without adding any falvours. It has a status as natural food colour and is a strong anti-oxidant with many evidence based health benefits. It is a strong anti-cancer agent. Curcumin is a bright yellow product, which is a diarylheptanoid, belonging to the group of curcuminoids, which are natural phenols responsible for turmeric's yellow color. It is a tautomeric compound existing in enolic form in organic solvents, and as a keto form in water. Although thoroughly studied in laboratory and clinical studies, curcumin has no confirmed medical uses, and has proved frustrating to scientists who state that it is unstable, not bioavailable, and unlikely to produce useful leads for drug development. Curcumin is the yellow pigment associated with the curry spice, turmeric, and to a lesser extent ginger. It is a small molecule that is the prototypical 'curcuminoid', and has effects similar to other polyphenols but unique in a way as it is a different class of polyphenol (relative to the other classes of 'flavonoid', 'stilbene', etc.) It exerts potent anti-inflammatory effects, and these anti-inflammatory effects may be protective against some form of cancer progression based on very preliminary research. Other areas of interest as it pertains to curcumin are alleviating cognitive decline associated with aging, being heart healthy by both electrical means and reducing lipid and plaque levels in arteries, and both reducing the risk of diabetes and being a good treatment for the side-effects associated with diabetes.


Inflammation is incredibly important. It helps the body fight foreign invaders and also has a role in repairing damage. Without inflammation, pathogens like bacteria could easily take over our bodies and kill us. Although acute (short-term) inflammation is beneficial, it can become a major problem when it is chronic (long-term) and inappropriately deployed against the body's own tissues. It is now believed that chronic, low-level inflammation plays a major role in almost every chronic, Western disease. This includes heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer's and various degenerative conditions. Therefore, anything that can help fight chronic inflammation is of potential importance in preventing and even treating these diseases. It turns out that curcumin is strongly anti-inflammatory, it is so powerful that it matches the effectiveness of some anti-inflammatory drugs. Curcumin actually targets multiple steps in the inflammatory pathway, at the molecular level. Curcumin blocks NF-kB, a molecule that travels into the nuclei of cells and turns on genes related to inflammation. NF-kB is believed to play a major role in many chronic diseases. Without getting into the gory details (inflammation is extremely complicated), the key takeaway here is that curcumin is a bio active substance that fights inflammation at the molecular level.

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